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Owning a car can be a convenient and pleasant experience, but there are aspects of car ownership that aren’t all fun and games. Every year, car owners are expected to get their MOT testing to ensure their vehicle still follows all the regulations of an acceptable car to have on the road. The only individuals not required to have a MOT test are those lucky few who own a car less than three years old (always double check regulations for your specific car model). While MOT testing is an essential aspect of road safety since it ensures various aspects of the car is running well and safe for the environment, getting your own car tested and maintained on a regular basis can be a hassle, taking up your time and extra cash in your wallet. If you want to streamline the process, check out the professionals here at Havant Drive In Mot Services, and quickly get on with the more important aspects of your life.

Your annual MOT test

A MOT test acts like a snapshot, giving a quick overall picture of your automobile’s health, and can ensure that vital aspects are running like they should. However, it should not replace regular servicing of your vehicle, as the MOT test is not as in depth as a full vehicle servicing. Consider MOT testing a complement, to help sustain the life of your car, and for the best long-term health use it in conjunction with other types of vehicle services. That being said, when you use a full service garage like Havant Drive In Mot Services, you can comfortably get your annual test and any adjustments that need to occur in one easy place. Our shop is a fully authorised DVSA testing station, and we employ technicians who specialise in the MOT testing process.

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What’s checked during your MOT

Ever wonder what exactly is being checked under the hood during your annual MOT test? Our professional technicians carefully review several aspects within four major categories: steering, brakes, lighting, and general items.

Brakes, steering and suspension

First, the ability of your car to run, and run well, will be assessed. When checking the steering, the technicians will consider the overall system and steering control, as well as how the power steering is working. The suspension is included in this and involves checking the shock absorbers, front suspension, rear suspension, bearings in the front and rear wheels, and driveshafts. Brakes are arguably the most important safety function in a car and they are checked thoroughly in MOT testing, including performance, the anti-lock brake, parking brake, the physical mechanical brake components, and more.

Lighting and safety components

Lighting concerns aspects such as the headlamps, fog lamps, and reflectors, which can often be forgotten until you are driving at night or through bad weather and need every extra boost to your vision in front and around the car. Other than these factors, an MOT test will check vehicle structure, wipers and windshields, the exhaust emissions, and more that affect the vehicle’s general condition. Clearly, even though it can be a hassle, an MOT test goes a long way towards ensuring the safety regulations and physical condition of your car. Any conditions that are not up to par are immediately handled at Havant Drive In Mot Services, to make sure you can get in and out quick.

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