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Whether you need standard car repairs after an MOT test or service or you are looking for a tune up and specific repair on your vehicle, our full-service garage at Havant Drive In Mot Services is here to help.

Affordable repairs at your local Havant garage

It’s true that repairs are never the most pleasant part of owning a car, since they take up time and cost money, but they are an essential aspect of keeping your vehicle healthy and running well for years to come. By investing in excellent quality repairs, you are investing in your car, so that it won’t break down and force you to buy another car, which would usually end up far pricier. The cost of repairs comes from more than just the new part but is a combination of parts, labour, and overheads. Our costs at Havant Drive In Mot Services are kept low and reasonable since we invest in a variety of specialist tools and our own diagnostic equipment. This is also so that we can be sure to cater to every unique vehicular situation.

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Reliable garage for your car repairs

When you go in to get your car repaired, one of the most important aspects for a customer is to know they are with a company who cares about their clients and works to maintain a strong, positive relationship with the community. At Havant Drive In Mot Services, we will never carry out additional work without previous discussion and agreement with the client. Our highly skilled staff work hard to ensure the repair work is quoted accurately before we begin work. We also believe that communication is a key factor to doing our job well and keeping our clients happy.

Wide range of repairs

Our technicians offer a full range of repairs for your vehicle, whether your newer car is requiring a tune-up or a slightly older car needs parts replacing. At some point in its lifetime, every vehicle will require some sort of repair work and we are here to offer you the best. Our repairs focus on internal mechanics, such as steering, suspension, brakes, transmission, the engine, and electronics, as well as outside and structural features such as MIG Welding, lights, plates, and windows. For external repairs, our MIG welding department ensures your car is up to MOT standards. Also, we are able to replace any burnt-out bulbs and replace or repair windscreens and windows without any problems in-house.

Our internal repairs are extensive, and we can handle almost every job that comes through our garage. Some of the most common repairs are described here, but the list is by no means comprehensive. For steering, our staff will replace steering racks, plug fluid leaks, repair joints and rack gaiters, so you can control the direction of your car with ease. Suspension, an essential repair to keep your vehicle healthy for years to come, includes fixing coil springs, shock absorbers, trailing arms, and the suspension bushes. No car should be without brakes, and we can handle repairing brake pads, shoes, discs, and drums, as well as replacing brake fluid. We are able to do full car electronic diagnostics, which includes the essential airbag systems check, and repair and replace vital parts of your engine. In short, come to our garage with confidence that we can get the job done.

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