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Engine diagnostic testing and fault code reading in Havant

Havant Drive In Mot Services provides car diagnostics and engine code reading for all makes and models in Havant.

The warning light, illuminating the dashboard of a car with internal trouble, is more than just an annoying flicker to be ignored. It is designed to ensure you are able to immediately address an internal problem. By repairing any internal damage that occurs early, you are able to make sure the cost of the repairs stays low and prevent exponential damage that may cause serious harm to your vehicle in the long run. At Havant Drive In Mot Services, we run a full car diagnostic test to discover exactly what is causing the little light to blink on and will recommend and carry out the best repair possible.

Engine diagnostics

For most car owners, the dashboard light remains a mystery and this ignorance makes it easier to ignore. But with knowledge comes power and the confidence that your car is in the best running condition possible. The vast majority of modern vehicles have something called an Engine Control Unit (ECU) installed internally, and this unit’s job is to constantly monitor performance over other functioning parts of the vehicle. It communicates via sensors that are placed throughout the car and can ascertain problems with low levels of fluid, dangerously hot engine temperatures, problems with emissions, and far more. Once a problem has been detected, the ECU outputs an error code and the list of possible error codes is in the hundreds. This is a relatively complicated and difficult process, and our diagnostic technicians are specially trained to decipher the exact problem that is causing an error code in your vehicle.

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The latest car diagnostics equipment

Our state-of-the-art diagnostics tools will be attached to the internal computer inside your car, and we will discover the exact problem in mere minutes. Once the issue is discovered, addressed, and repaired, you can drive your car with total peace of mind, without worrying about a possible. The “check engine” light is never something to be ignored, but that doesn’t mean it has to be extremely costly or a hassle for the driver.

Even if your light isn’t blinking away on your dashboard, our technicians can still connect our expert diagnostic equipment to your car to make sure there aren’t any problems lying dormant, waiting to worsen with time. The longer you wait to get repairs done on your car, the more costly it will be, so it is always best to catch problems as early as possible and address them immediately. Our tests will check to see if anything flags a problem, including faulty brake pads, a poor fuel exhaust, problems with the clutch, and more. Of course, if anything comes up, we will immediately discuss the issue with you, along with an accurate price quote for the required repairs, if necessary. As stated in our repairs, we will never do repair work on your car without first discussing it with you.

Our biggest point of pride at Havant Drive In Mot Services is our professionalism and genuine communication, so bring your car into our garage today to get its check-up. Book online for car diagnostics and engine fault code reading today.

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