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Car body repairs and accident repairs in Havant

Our state-of-the-art body shop is waiting for the moment you are looking to fix or improve the look and external functionality of your car. We provide car body repairs, accident repairs and vehicle spraying at our Havant garage.

Accident repairs

If you are unfortunate enough to experience an accident that causes a major bang or crushes part of your vehicle or if a small scrape appeared on your door while you were out shopping, we are ready and available to fix your car with ease and at the most reasonable prices. We have invested in the latest repair technology and are able to work with the make of any car. Our fully-trained team has full insurance and fleet approvals, so come down to Havant Drive In MOT Services right away and know your car will leave looking its best. We also offer a specialised customer service team who work to make sure you leave happy, after using our accident repair, window tinting, and partial wrapping services.

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Helping you in your time of need

Accidents come out of nowhere and can be an intrusive stress on our already busy and full lives. Our professionals at Havant Drive In Mot Services have recommended practices to follow for any accident that occurs. At the scene of the accident, call emergency services immediately if there is an injury, leaking fluid, or if you suspect the other driver might be intoxicated or otherwise under the influence. However, in most minor accidents there will not be an emergency vehicle needed at the scene, so you must record as much as possible on your own. From the other driver, obtain the following information: name/address/phone number, vehicle registration/make/model, and their insurance company and policy number. Take note and photos, if possible, of the exact damage that happened, and gather information from witnesses as well, such as their name, phone number, and addresses. With this information, our staff can provide assistance confirming you were not at fault, as well as help obtaining a rental car while repairs are being done, if necessary.

Remember, never admit fault or liability, both at the scene of the accident and with later conversations with the driver or their insurance company. If injury has occurred to a person or public property, or if you are unable to obtain any of the above information, call the police right away.

Car body repairs

Our body shop also offers window tinting, which can bring a wide variety of benefits and features to your car, and we will always communicate the local laws on window tinting so you do not drive a car that may get pulled over. Window tinting brings some major benefits to your car and the interior environment. First, a window film will reduce the heat that is transmitted into the car, which means the interiors will remain cooler even in the middle of summer. It reduces UV rays that may damage fabrics, materials, or even harm your loved ones. Window tint can improve the overall look of your car since our staff will apply them professionally and without error. Finally, window tint can protect your family and valuables by providing privacy. We can also provide vehicle spraying to get your car back to its original condition. We have the latest spraying equipment to give you a quality service for your car. Contact us today for details.

When you need external repairs on the car frame, or if you are hoping to add window tint or partial wrapping to improve your car’s aesthetics, our body shop at Havant Drive In MOT Services is the best choice in town.

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